TUU Elections: It’s Flyer Season

Today marks the start of the 2016 Tasmanian University Union (TUU) election campaigns.

The TUU is the union that spans across all University of Tasmania (UTas) campuses and is comprised of a group of councils made up of student elected representatives.

It aims to represent the rights and interests of all students.

They offer support and advocacy services, additional to facilitating campus culture, distributing study materials and providing safe spaces for students.

As the TUU is elected by the student body, some candidates form tickets. A ticket is an alliance of students grouped under a brand to maximise their chances of being elected.

There are two major tickets this year: Voice and Empower Your TUU.

According to their election flyer, Voice promises that, “Together we can build a higher education system that gives students the ability to achieve more, live and work in a world class environment and secure a better future for themselves.”

A statement released on the Empower Your TUU‘s Facebook page by State President candidate, Isaac Ball, says “I want to bring you a TUU that is accessible to students by having transparent workings and constant feedback as to what the union is doing. I want to provide a union that stands up for all students at university by being an outspoken advocate of the issues that affect us all.”

Voting is not compulsory, however it is encouraged for students to ensure that the TUU is representative of the student body that it works to serve.

The TUU also controls a portion of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), giving students the power to vote for how they would like to see their money spent.

Voting will take place from 12th September to the 14th of September on all UTas campuses.

Click here for a list of candidate nominations.

Follow Togatus for more information over the election period.

Image: tuu.com.au

This piece was written for the University of Tasmania’s student magazine, Togatus, in my capacity as Election correspondent. It’s part of a series of coverage of the Tasmanian University Union (TUU) 2016 elections. You can find it here: http://www.togatus.com.au/tuu-elections-its-flyer-season/ 

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