Joy plentiful at Jimmy Giggle visit

It was raincoats and gumboots galore as Agfest’s smallest patrons waited to meet their idol.

If you heard a very loud “HOOT HOOT” at Agfest today, it was because of a very exciting visitor.

Jimmy Giggle was on-site, giving out plenty of hi-fives to all his fans, big and small.

But unfortunately, Mr Giggle was running late!

Luckily, ABC Newsreader Peter Gee was on-hand to entertain the crowd and, after watching his first-ever episode of Giggle and Hoot last night, Mr Gee was ready sing along with the crowd.

Mr Gee and some children in the crowd led an Agfest-version of “Bird Bath Boogie” while they waited for Mr Giggle to arrive.

ABC staff even gave away a Giggle and Hoot DVD to the first child to say what coloured pyjamas Mr Giggle was wearing in last night’s episode.

When he did finally arrive, he was presented with a cake made by some loyal fans.

The 'Chocolate Ripple Giggle Search Engine' cake from some Giggle and Hoot fans

Mr Giggle apologised that Hoot couldn’t fly down for the visit.

Despite the strong winds and rain, smiles were everywhere as he signed Hoot plush toys and took selfies with his raincoat-clad fans.

His hundreds of pint-sized fans made Mr Giggle unavailable for comment.

This article was written for the Agfest 2017 website from a mobile newsroom on-site in Carrick. The article is available here: 

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