Lambie slams government inaction on Murray Goulburn closure

While the State Government says it’s doing all it can to help Murray Goulburn employees, Senator Jacqui Lambie says it’s not nearly enough.

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the State Goverment to “grow a spine” over its response to the Murray Goulburn plant shutdown in Edith Creek.

The dairy conglomerate announced on Tuesday that they would close the plant, prompting the loss of 120 jobs.

Sen. Lambie said the Government is failing to adequately respond to the closure.

“They’re not doing enough. Not enough at all. Get in there, grow some bloody fangs and do something,” she said.

“I’m like many other Tasmanians up there. We’ve had a gutfull and we want some action.”

She outlined the ongoing impact the shutdown would have on the region, saying it’s not just 120 jobs at stake.

“We will lose that community, and we will lose all those businesses that feed into it,” she said. “That town will close down. The only thing keeping that town going is that factory.”

As concerns continue around whether the plant will be mothballed to prevent the company’s competitors from investing, Sen. Lambie called on the Government to contemplate purchasing it.

“Why hasn’t the Government grown a spine and investigated taking it over themselves?” she asked. “Just sending some JobActive providers is bullshit.”


This article was written for the Agfest 2017 website from a mobile newsroom on-site in Carrick. The article is available here: 

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