HEJ255 News Unit: Piece Two

‘Everyone Belongs’ is the theme of Harmony Week 2017, and using the power of storytelling, the Hobart Human Library is living up to it. The Library is a collection of human “books” from diverse backgrounds, each telling their story of discrimination and stereotyping through face-to-face conversation. As part of statewide Harmony Week celebrations, the Library … Continue reading HEJ255 News Unit: Piece Two

HEJ255 News Unit: Piece One

Business confidence is unexpectedly positive on the North-West Coast, according to a statewide survey released today. The Tasmanian Survey of Business Expectations shows positive business confidence. Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO Michael Bailey said the North-West result is pleasing. “We’ve been surprised to see the North West coast remain pretty resilient because it … Continue reading HEJ255 News Unit: Piece One

Lambie slams government inaction on Murray Goulburn closure

While the State Government says it's doing all it can to help Murray Goulburn employees, Senator Jacqui Lambie says it's not nearly enough. Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the State Goverment to "grow a spine" over its response to the Murray Goulburn plant shutdown in Edith Creek. The dairy conglomerate announced on Tuesday … Continue reading Lambie slams government inaction on Murray Goulburn closure