TUU Review: Do We Just Accept a Union We Think We Deserve?

At the end of March, Togatus broke the news the Tasmania University Union (TUU) commissioned a review into its internal workings, which returned a scathing result. The $120,000 review ultimately concluded that the union is increasingly irrelevant to students. Further criticisms include a lack of transparency, and that their internal structure is “very cumbersome and inefficient”, even … Continue reading TUU Review: Do We Just Accept a Union We Think We Deserve?

Utas’ Sweet New Offering

Dessert cafes have proven to be one of the longer-lasting food trends of the decade. While rainbow bagels and turmeric lattes may come and go, dessert cafes are spreading like wildfire. It seems that after eating dessert for centuries, humans finally realised we could dedicate entire eateries to just the sweet stuff. Even then, Hobart … Continue reading Utas’ Sweet New Offering

TUU under fire for being ‘highly unrepresentative’

An online petition by UTas students has garnered over 100 signatures in three hours as students rally against the Tasmanian University Union’s (TUU) stance on the proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. Social media backlash ensued after the TUU said in a press release on Tuesday that students “welcomed” the change of wording in … Continue reading TUU under fire for being ‘highly unrepresentative’

Student Politics:Perpetuating Political Toxicity

I have loved my first year of uni. I’ve loved the lifestyle, the new friends I’ve made and my classes, but I’ve also discovered an area of university life that I detest. I absolutely hate student politics. This is a strange statement, coming from someone like me. I’ve always been very politically engaged, and I … Continue reading Student Politics:Perpetuating Political Toxicity

TUU Elections: It’s Flyer Season

Today marks the start of the 2016 Tasmanian University Union (TUU) election campaigns. The TUU is the union that spans across all University of Tasmania (UTas) campuses and is comprised of a group of councils made up of student elected representatives. It aims to represent the rights and interests of all students. They offer support … Continue reading TUU Elections: It’s Flyer Season