App to give youth control

“I don’t know how many times I’ve been told ‘it’s just words’,” said Janine Kemp, as we chatted over coffee. ‘It’s just words’ was the response from both teachers and the police to threats on her daughter’s life. It was still ‘just words’ when her daughter was physically threatened, and it was still ‘just words’ … Continue reading App to give youth control

No Silence for this Lamb-ie

Whether it’s for cheaper uni degrees or to get you into a job, this Tasmanian Senator is waging a war: and it’s for us. The room is busy, crowded and full of important people, but Senator Jacqui Lambie gives me her undivided attention. The focus of widespread attention herself, I jumped at the chance to … Continue reading No Silence for this Lamb-ie

Advertising…it’s all around you

So I’m looking at my socks. Because of the freezing weather, they’re explorer socks. Holeproof explorer socks. They don’t strictly say they are, nor is there any form of logo or visible branding. They’re just plain black socks. So why do I automatically know the brand of my otherwise uninteresting socks? More to the point, … Continue reading Advertising…it’s all around you